Looking to Import goods into Europe and want defer Import VAT payments?

Warehousing or using Fulfilment partners like Amazon, eBay or Etsy in the EU? 

Are you looking to improve your business cash flow?



If you import goods into the Netherlands or the EU as a foreign company, VAT is immediately due. While this VAT can be reclaimed, it can also seriously hurt your company's cash flow.  With import VAT deferment, the levying of VAT on imports can be transferred to your normal quarterly VAT return. 


As your Fiscal Representative, we can offer the following:

  • Handle your VAT registrations

  • Apply for the Article 23 license for VAT deferment

  • the VAT returns

  • the Intra-Community Statements

  • Intrastat declarations

If you're looking for EU trading options with an personalised service, EUify your business now!